• Reasons Why Your VISA Was Denied


    Recently, there is an increment in the number of individuals planning to relocate to the Netherlands via study pathway; this spike has also seen a rise in the figure of dubious agents with in genuine intentions leading to VISA ban or rejection. This is the reason we recommend prospects to engage professionals for guidance and support during the application process. @Dashfoot, We are committed to providing accurate information during the admission process of each institution through personalized consultations.

    Below are some of the reasons why your admission or study visa might be denied!!

    • Falsified documents.
    • Poorly written motivation letter.
    • Applying for the wrong program.
    • Inability to show career progression study gap.
    • Insufficient proof of funds tied to the home country.

    No matter the reason, don’t get weary, strike again! But this time strike with @Dashfoot, the winning platform. In four months, we will get you into the Netherlands via the study pathway.

    Dashfoot is here to support you and help make your relocation dream come through. To get started, get in touch with us today, Book appointment via https://www.dashfoot.com or WhatsApp ‪+31687179651.

  • Pros and Cons of Living in the Netherlands


    If you intend to relocate to the Netherlands via the study pathway, this is an important information for you. Living in the Netherlands is a beautiful experience with its pros and cons.


    High Living Standards

    While the cost of living in the Netherlands might not be considered as the cheapest, it is possible to live in this beautiful part of western Europe without a hole in the pocket.

    Housing is quite pricy if you stay in the Randstad area or the area that incorporates the Netherlands' four largest cities, but lower in the suburbs and towns. The entire country is connected by intercity train hence movement across country is seamless with hundreds of connecting train every minute.

    Train Tram, Buses, scooter, and bicycles are popular means of public transportation.

    Super Social

    Extroverts will love Dutch culture. There are amazing coffee shops with summer festivals and various events at the museums scattered in every corner of the country. There is always an activity ongoing for your personality.

    A Great Base to Explore Europe

    The Netherlands boarders Belgium and Germany, and with a great transport system that includes the Thalysis across Europe and ferries to the UK, the Netherlands is a great base for exploring the continent.


    De or Het?

    Learning the local language can be tough. Although the Dutch language is the closest to English due to same alphabets however the pronunciations are particularly tough for native English speakers, and, with majority of Dutch citizens speaking English, it could be difficult to become immersed in the local language as everyone will speak to you in English once they see you struggling with the local language.

    Housing Shortage

    One of the reasons rents are so expensive here is a huge housing shortage. The Netherlands needs over 250,000 new houses to meet demand, with over 100,000 new properties being needed each year. This makes it hard for immigrants to get it easy with rental unlike other western countries, however with proper planning and leveraging on online rental agencies there are possibilities.

    Rush Hour Traffic

    Commuters in the Netherlands should beware. The country is densely populated, making rush hour a real problem for workers. If you want to skip the commute and cycle, you need to make sure you keep your bike locked up safely and pack a waterproof jacket in case it rains. Public transportation is the most reliable (and driest) way to get to work.

  • The Process of Setting as an Entrepreneur in the Netherlands

    One of the benefits of studying in the Netherlands is that you can start a side business or work as a freelancer. All you need to do is register for KVK (Chamber of commerce), as a sole proprietorship which allows you to work as freelancer for unlimited hours while studying.

    To register your small business.

    • Be a legal residence in the Netherlands.
    • Choose a brand name for your business registration
    • Verify the name is not registered.
    • Fill out the online KVK form.
    • Make an appointment with KVK.
    • Pay 52 euros and get your KVK number
    • Apply for your tax identification number.

    The process is straightforward so far you meet the requirements. And @Dashfoot is here to guide you every step of the way.


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