Let’s discuss, Working in the Netherlands

    As a consultant one of the frequently asked questions, we get is

    How soon can I get a job? Can I get a job after my study?

    When you graduate after your study, you can get a job with one year post study visa and subsequently settle legitimately in the Netherland.

    Ahead of your first job in the Netherlands, it can be interesting to gain more insight into the Dutch work culture. Companies in the Netherlands are known for their openness, transparency, and bluntness. English is a widely spoken language.

    Netherlands population is estimated at 17.2m according to Worldometer. Despite population, the country lays claim to 1.9m SMES businesses and Amsterdam is considered as starts up gateway to Europe. Unemployment rate in 2021 is below 3%. The country is home to major multinationals like Shell, Philips, Heineken, KLM, Unilever, Friesland etc.  

    Most companies have a horizontal hierarchy and informal workplace culture. It's not uncommon for employees to speak their opinion openly. A lot of offices consist of open space, where teamwork is encouraged. Ranks and job titles are insignificant in the Dutch work place.

    So far you do not engage in any illegality, you will surely succeed like those before you.


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